Logan Carpenter

Director of Pre-Construction

Meet Logan Carpenter! Logan is the Director of Pre-Construction! He has been working at ACE Consulting for over two years! When Logan is not working, he enjoys spending free time working on home improvement projects and spending time with his friends and family. A personal value that logan lives by is “Over Promise and Over Deliver.” The thing Logan loves about working at ACE is the culture and the family atmosphere here at ACE. 

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Diana Hagan

Pre-Construction Consultant

Meet Diana! Diana is a Pre-Construction Consultant with ACE. She graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management. Before she was with ACE, she was a Project Manager at a local construction company for 10 years. Diana has experience in managing Commercial Construction including renovations, multifamily dorms, health clinics, restaurants, audio/video studios, and convention centers. Diana has an excellent work ethic and enjoys helping clients with any challenging projects.

dhagan@ace-consulting.net | Phone: 859-305-5116

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Chris Leiter

Senior Pre-Construction Consultant


Meet Chris Leiter! Chris is a Senior Pre-Construction Consultant here at ACE! When Chris is not working, he enjoys working on his hot rods and enjoying life with his kids. He also enjoys hunting, home projects, and riding his four-wheelers with his kids! Some of Chris’s values are: be dependent, be fair, and treat others the way you want to be treated. The thing that Chris loves about working at ACE is the fact that it is both family and God-based. 

cleiter@ace-consulting.net | Phone: 502-792-7397

Tyler Skaggs

Pre-Construction Consultant

Tyler is from Louisville, KY, and studied at the University of Kentucky before finishing his degree at Eastern Kentucky University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management in 2017. Skaggs joined ACE Consulting in November of 2019 as a consultant. He is excited about the future of ACE as a whole and hopes he can put his years of knowledge to use.

tskaggs@ace-consulting.net | Phone: 859-305-0895

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