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A New Perspective For Audit Issue Management 

With AuditFindings you can centralize and automate the management of corrective 
action for audits, examinations, and projects that require supervision.

Features and Benefits of Using AuditFindings. 

Central Management

All audit issues are easily managed from a central location.  

Automatic Notification

Minimize time needed to notify and
remind people to update items. 

Social Commenting
Multiple users can discuss and share
ideas on resolution options. 

Still use spreadsheets? Import and
export to Microsoft Excel or PDF. 

Supporting Documents
Upload supporting documents such
as audit reports or examinations. 




Issue Tagging
With tagging, you can flag specific
issues for custom reporting. 

Issue Assignment
Assign issues to specific personnel
for corrective action and reporting . 

User-Friendly Dashboard
The dashboard provides ready access
to key information. 

Robust Reporting
You can get complex information in
an easy to understand format. 

Web-Based Access

No software to install or maintain.Information is easily accessible by your team. 


Continuously test your employees with real-world phishing
scenarios so that you maintain a high level of security
awareness. PhishingBox has many preconfigured phishing
templates and scenarios that are ready for immediate use.
Unlike other platforms, you can also fully customize any
aspect of the templates in our library, create and build your
own, or clone actual phishing scenarios. Some core
features of the phishing simulator include:

  • Full Library of Pre-built Phishing Emails & Scenarios

    • Form & Credential Harvesting Scenarios

    • Attachment Testing (With Macros)

    • Phishing Reply Tracking (Spear Phishing Scenarios)

    • USB Drive Testing 

  • All Existing and Upcoming Templates (Phishing & Training

  • Templates

  • Unlimite Template Customization & Creation

  • Active Directory & Other Directory Integratins

  • Admin Management Consol

  • Automated Workflow & Sceduling Features

  • Global API Admin Users & Companies/Groups

  • Workstation Scanning-Username, IP address

  • Advanced Theme Selector

  • Multiple Language Support

  • Professional Services


Training your end users is vital to a successful security
program and we offer multiple training options that will
assist in developing a culture of security awareness.
Features & functionality include:


  • Report PhishingBox Button (Plugin for Outlook, Office365, G-Suite)

  • Level 1 Education - Training Moments & Templates

  • Level 2 Education - Course Module & Expanded Training

    • Dedicated Training Portal for End Users

    • Utilize the Built-In Courses, or Customize and Create Courses

    • Course Enrollment Via Campaign Failure or Batch Enrollment

    • Private-Labeling Capabilities

  • External LMS Integration - Connect & Sync with your Existing LMS

  • Upload SCORM Compatible Training Directly intoPhishingBox

  • Ongoing Training & Education


Christian Arias (VP of BD) for pricing details.​

(505) 504-2588

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