Construction Submittals


  1. Time: Submittals are of critical importance and can be time consuming for a QCM, APM, or PM. Failure to complete submittals in a timely fashion can cause project delays, quality defects, and monetary damages. You can utilize our expertise to save time and be more efficient on your projects submittals, whether its the development of your submittals, or review or approval. This ensures your submittals and critical submittals are completed early and quickly on a construction project. This leaves the PM to focus their efforts on getting the project started and keeping it on schedule.

  2. Cost: Our submittal services costs are less than the hourly burdened salary rate of an experienced PM.

  3. Approval: With decades of experience processing submittals, ACE can ensure your submittals get developed, reviewed, and approved, thereby saving your project time, money, and headache.

  4. District Knowledge: ACE works or has worked with in every USACOE, NAVFAC, VA, and Government district. We know the personnel and are able to quickly get to the bottom of any issues. We do this by establishing a relationship where we clearly communicate the information in a manner that is satisfactory to the reviewer. Simply put, our system for preparation and approval works.