ACE Giving

Serving the Lord is not where we serve but how. Being actively engaged in the work of the Kingdom, at any level, will bless our lives and provide growth in countless circumstances. We at ACE believe in giving to those who are in need and helping build God's Kingdom.

We can help build the Kingdom of God by living righteously. Individuals and families are strengthened by our pursuit of building the Kingdom.  We should willingly serve wherever we are and remember blessings come as we serve in the Kingdom of God.

Here at ACE, we do what we say we are going to do. ACE Consulting donates 10% of our profits and 5% of our employees' earnings to a charity every quarter. Last quarter we exceeded our goals and reached $50,000.00 which was split between 3 different charities. 

If you are willing to help us build God's Kingdom, please click the picture below.


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