Construction Work Area

Who is ACE?

What ACE can provide you with:

  • NATIONWIDE Service

  • Site Superintendents

  • Project Engineers

  • Site Managers

  • Site Safety Managers

  • Mill Wrights

  • Electricians

  • Welders

  • Pipe Fitters

  • Advanced, Planning

  • Stability, Resources and Expertise

  • Fundamental Scheduling Procedures

  • No Overhead Burden

  • Free Quotes

  • Guaranteed Approval on Submittals


ACE Consulting is a Christian, Service- Disabled Veteran Owned (SDOVOB) company, specializing in Division 1 Services. ACE’s Leadership has a broad-based of experience in construction consulting services across numerous commercial and governmental agencies, from the Department of State to the Navy Facilities Command, Amazon, VW, and the Army Corps of Engineers. Quality Control, Safety, Cost Control, Litigation Advising, Preconstruction Plans, and Schedule Development are our core competencies. Our clientele ranges from companies in the ENR Top 100, to small 8A, SDOVB, and WOSB.

Division 1 Services (Project Administrative Services) are integral to the successful completion of commercial and government projects, regardless of the nature of the work involved. Our expert construction knowledge and experience enables us to provide our customers with the tools they need to handle these extensive project administrative requirements of the commercial and federal government with minimal time and cost. We are the GOLD standard in Division One work.

Our MOTTO is simple “Our Word is our Bond”. Founded on Christian values, we conduct our work with a sense of doing what is right, with an extreme sense of urgency, because construction never stops. Call us Friday at 5 pm and we will work through the weekend to meet your needs because we realize our services are critical to your success. These services we offer require expert competence, so you need someone like us who is experienced and educated in doing this work. Do not fall for the companies that claim they have experience and education in the federal sector, resulting in multiple submissions because of rejected submittals. We are the experts in Division 1 services, doing work in every state with every federal and state agency, along with large and small commercial clients. We are different from most companies because we give 10% of every dollar we earn to a Christian charity in support of helping our fellow-man. After all, that is what God would want us to do. We are people who believe that our local church should be the solution to the problems we have in this country and support that idea with the resources God has given us.

We appreciate your interest in ACE Consulting’s Division 1 services and invite you to learn more about what we do and how we do it.